We colaborate with our clients and with the health authorities because health is not just matter for the producer it is a question of education.

In our efforts to achieve the highest quality production we were encouraged to obtain registration of our products under the NORMA UNE 155001-1 (protected crops) and 155001.7 through AENOR for 100% of our production in tomatoes, aubergines and melons.

We have a department for quality control devoted to the control of the production process and study of possible improvements as well as complying with the law. We also use external controls done by independant laboratories of international renown such as COEXPHAL-FAECA, Techniagro and UIS Iberica. Whilst the ARCPC (HACCP) is with the company SANIDAD Y TECNOLOGIA VETERINARIAS, S.L.

AENOR for its part makes random analysis checks on our producers in the field as well as in the depot, analysing land and plants.

Endeavouring to improve quality an to satisfy our client's requeriments too we obtained the certificate of Quality for handling, wrapping and comercializing our products under the NORMA ISO: 90021994, awarded by the company assessors DNV (DET NORKE VERITAS), accepted in more than 18 countries inside and outside the European Union and qho audit us annually thus obliging us to constantly maintain our internal audits.

Having achieved these certificates shows the commitment of the company to its producers, employees, clients and consumers, a deciding factor ensuring work in the future.

We are permanently trying to improve our human potential, organizing courses for producers and employees so that together we can successfully improve aour levels of quality and service required by the present day markets. We are conscious that the quality and presentation of our products are the key distinguishing mark which will allow us to be at the head of the production -quality and commerce sector because we know how to offer aour customers both the products they want and the security of high health standards obtained by techniques which respect our enviroment.

We have an advanced traceability project which enables us to study and control the different aspects of the production sector (producer, land, variety, harvest date, quantity and quality) commercial sector (type of preparation, calibre, packaging, pallets, cooling system, transport and distribution).

Using together all the factors enumerated in this presentation we are trying to reach the objectives cited at the beginig of the dossier. Therefore we can resume aour objectives as QUALITY, PRESENTATION, HEALTH and CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.

"The satisfaction of the producer and the confidence of the client motivate us to move ahead"

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